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Rohit Giri

أشهر قبل

For snake rescue Contact us: Rohit Giri: 9866344156
Hritik Giri: 9827127143
Follow me on:
Instagram: lureyrohit
Facebook: rohitgiri111

Rohit Giri
Rohit Giri أشهر قبل
For Donations: eSewa /ID Rohit Giri (9866344156 ), All funds raised will be used for Conservation Work and to Mitigating human-snake conflict.
Jahidul Khan
Jahidul Khan أشهر قبل
@Kandakari Sansar hhhhuuuU
Saroj Pudasaini
Saroj Pudasaini أشهر قبل
You Vee
You Vee أشهر قبل
@Kandakari Sansar if .m
Priyanka Rajbanshi
Priyanka Rajbanshi أشهر قبل
Bro i have question that is sanke can be gay
Eastern Nepal
Eastern Nepal أشهر قبل
Brozz yo sarpa samayne sathi chai kaha basnu hunxa khas location
Ratan Pal
Ratan Pal أشهر قبل
Teach Technical
Teach Technical أشهر قبل
are you real friend of snake bro
Sumana Pantha
Sumana Pantha أشهر قبل
Gkfjgv bbjchbkc gj vh vh. Gj hb. B. Bj
last zone
last zone أشهر قبل
02:01 solti re sarpa lai Rohit dai honita
Sita Gahatraj
Sita Gahatraj أشهر قبل
Great job 👏👏
Jhonata Baguari
Jhonata Baguari أشهر قبل
Indu Khatiwada
Indu Khatiwada أشهر قبل
Ruku Sunar
Ruku Sunar أشهر قبل
Nepal also have a sanke in the city rescue..i am proud of you
Rakshya Xetri
Rakshya Xetri أشهر قبل
We are Human beings..But Nowadays Humans are not Showing Humanity To The Animals....I feel Great To look your Videos 😇 Really!!You are doing such a Good Job😇♥️and you Guys are giving Us a Motto From This ARposts Channel That We should love animals And conserve our Ecosystem 😍♥️
Samzna Tuladhar
Samzna Tuladhar أشهر قبل
Good job! Is there any rescue team in Kathmandu?
Quick Nepal
Quick Nepal أشهر قبل
Really loved your job ...since I was samall I was curious about catching snake ...can u please tell me where I can learn such skill ( school)and do the same job plz help me to know ..
Prabhas _
Prabhas _ أشهر قبل
Taskari hunchha re sarpa ko
Ram Prasad Gaire
Ram Prasad Gaire أشهر قبل
butwal tra aaunuhunxa ki nai
shreyash siwakoti
shreyash siwakoti أشهر قبل
Nobody: Rohit giri: sabai sarpa nag hun😂😂
Booyah Player
Booyah Player أشهر قبل
Your number
Ribesh أشهر قبل
7:14 tyo vai ko hath hernus tw.😂🤣😂😂
dilip jirel
dilip jirel أشهر قبل
Many people are advocating for a change of Nepal national animal. we are now in the year 2020....gone are the days of racist Hindubadi king and his puppet brahmin chettri government. Let's make rhino or the tiger or the snow leopard or the red panda as the national animal of Nepal. Today's youth are more educated and also have been to foreign countries. They understand why we need to change the national animal of Nepal. Please support our movement.
dilip jirel
dilip jirel أشهر قبل
@Suman Panday According to Dr Keshab Man Shakya, even Lord Buddha did not trust the Brahmins. Lord Buddha said Brahmins said were corrupted since the Buddha's time. watch this interview video राजा गएपछि राजाको झण्डा जल्नैपर्छ,यो शुरूवात मात्र, सरकारले बेवास्ता गरे वि*स्फोट हुने-पुर्व मन्त्री See Dr Keshab Man Shakya interview and realize that Lord Buddha also never trusted the Brahmins. here's the link:
Suman Panday
Suman Panday أشهر قبل
You only want Rhino or any animal to be Nepals national animal because of your cultural benefits while i am talking about overall benefits of why a Cow should be the national animal rather than presenting my religious beliefs. Please present some relevent stuff.
Suman Panday
Suman Panday أشهر قبل
@dilip jirel can you eat a rhino, is it of any use to you. No, right, but our country's economy will tumble down without the contribution of The Cow. No one is stopling you from eating, but can't we be a little grateful by letting it be the National Animal.
dilip jirel
dilip jirel أشهر قبل
@Suman Panday we kiratis do eat cow meat. we kiratis do not have any religious connection with a cow. Let's make rhino to be Nepal national animal.
Suman Panday
Suman Panday أشهر قبل
@dilip jirel I don't care about Nepal's fraud kings but the comment you made, you were being disrespectful to an animal who has played the most important important role in the development of our nation so can't we just respect it by making our National Animal rather than a tiger or a rhino which are of no use to us.
Aakriti Jamkatel
Aakriti Jamkatel أشهر قبل
Ma yeta basera purai satto gairaa xa kasari sakeko hola😭😭
BT. أشهر قبل
Pokhara ma matrai ho ki all around nepal ho daju?
ST DARK 444 FF أشهر قبل
0:34 thing you were waiting to see ❤️
Sindhupalchok ma snake 🐍 smatne xaina??
ManMade GOD
ManMade GOD أشهر قبل
7:15 Kati khera janxan hau afulai yaha pisab aaisako
Sur Sam
Sur Sam أشهر قبل
Thank you so much Lure Rohit for rescuing my Ex...
Kamala Rimal
Kamala Rimal أشهر قبل
Hybrid I 9 9 at
Samir Lama
Samir Lama أشهر قبل
Keet it up broo you are really amazing. I love your videoes and you are doing a very good social work. Thankyou bro
Dammar Giri
Dammar Giri أشهر قبل
Hajur daii ko Ghar kaa ho
Thonwang Pamai
Thonwang Pamai أشهر قبل
Ever got a call from outside of Nepal ? 😂
Cyman Anjali
Cyman Anjali أشهر قبل
Great dai ani hajur haru...kata kata Snake rescue garnu hunaxa
Nepalese hacker and funny boy
Nepalese hacker and funny boy أشهر قبل
4:43 I don't I.derstand
Tasbir Lama
Tasbir Lama أشهر قبل
Sarpa ko aayou chai kati barsha hunchhani bai
SM Gamer
SM Gamer أشهر قبل
What a Dangerous. Work
Babita Malla
Babita Malla أشهر قبل
But sometimes be carefull brother from 🐍
Rabi Shrestha
Rabi Shrestha أشهر قبل
Paila sarpo le tokyo vane tokeko vag vanda mathi badhnu parxa vantheyo aaila feri yata badhna hudaina vanera suniyo k ho yesto janna painxa ki
The GiriBaba
The GiriBaba أشهر قبل
hlo dai m lai pani shikan man x k garnu pal x hai.
Rusha Sharma
Rusha Sharma أشهر قبل
Good job rohit
Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Lakers أشهر قبل
Nobody: Rohit Giri in every video: ekchhin pachhi call garnu hai ma sarpa samatdai chhu 😂😂
Samir Maharjan
Samir Maharjan أشهر قبل
Call pani sarpa samatdaii garda auxa
Anuz thulung rai
Anuz thulung rai أشهر قبل
सर्प संग मात्रै हो मलाई धेरै डरलाग्ने । अरु जीव जनावरहरु भन्दा ।😥
Einzelganger أشهر قبل
yo chorepatan ma chahi atti nai sarpa aaune rahecha
op legend gaming
op legend gaming أشهر قبل
Tauko babal🤣🤣🤣
bikrum gurung
bikrum gurung أشهر قبل
Chhotepatan ma dherai snake aaudo raicha @(o・ェ・)@🤣
Pantaprabesh Govind
Pantaprabesh Govind أشهر قبل
I was just waiting for your video nd here it is....bro cqn i get some information about can it be homely
Neeraj Bhandari
Neeraj Bhandari أشهر قبل
Boy in toilet Girl: k gardai xau? Boy: ekxin la baby sarpa samatdai xu😆
Samir Maharjan
Samir Maharjan أشهر قبل
पद أشهر قبل
Girl : k sarpa Boy: pachi timlai tokne sarpa 😂
jaha raheni haami nepali
jaha raheni haami nepali أشهر قبل
सर्पको नेपालि नाम पनि लेख्नु भए हामीलाई बुझ्न सजिलो हुने थियो ।
ronal rai
ronal rai أشهر قبل
Jhapa damak tira xa ki xaina hau snake rescue???
ALPHA GamingNPL أشهر قبل
Legends are watching at online class
Padam Karki
Padam Karki أشهر قبل
नमस्कार म पदम कार्की आदरणीय स्वदेश तथा विदेशमा रहनुभएका सम्पूर्ण नेपाली दाजुभाई तथा दिदीबहिनीहरु ले मेरो च्यानल लाई सस्क्राइब गरि साथ माया दिनुहोला 🙏🙏
Prabesh Acharya
Prabesh Acharya أشهر قبل
Dada good job ..aniki .tyo snake samatna khojda baahira tw kai poison hunca ki nai
dipak magar
dipak magar أشهر قبل
Such a great person
Total Gamming
Total Gamming أشهر قبل
I like your videos more than Snakes in city
Blank Space
Blank Space أشهر قبل
These types of snakes are always roaming around my house and we just let them go..... Save snakes❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
crazy khand
crazy khand أشهر قبل
Solta ko guff.dhunga ley Hanne hola😂
badal infield
badal infield أشهر قبل
Hona pokhara Tira k Bena sarpa hau ahiley samma katy derai pakady sako
Hukka Kanxa
Hukka Kanxa أشهر قبل
Maile yo bujna sakina ki kina ra ksari pkrma yesto ghar ghar vitra asti big bigi janey sarpo! Aba ta mentality asto vayo ki kaile kahe pkr janu paryo vanene ghar vitrai sarpo xa ki vanera tanab!!!!
Simon Gurung
Simon Gurung أشهر قبل
Pokhara vari sarpa sarpa banaune vo rohit brolay....aba ta bato ma hidda ni sarpa bhetinxa hola
Kanchan Moktan Tamang
Kanchan Moktan Tamang أشهر قبل
Tauko kya mileko babbal raixa re😂😂
Khyam Bahadur
Khyam Bahadur أشهر قبل
Good jop vai
सबैको साथि
सबैको साथि أشهر قبل
Love from butwal
Santo Trip
Santo Trip أشهر قبل
Really supportive family🖤
hernus majjale
hernus majjale أشهر قبل
7:14 enjoy guyz
Khagendra Acharya
Khagendra Acharya أشهر قبل
yauta kura tw remind nai garaunu hudsina Sir! Yo kam only for expert ko lagi ho bhanera. Tpile samaayako dekhera kasaile try garyo bhane khatara huna sakxa. Yo kura chahi camera ma sabailai suggestion garnu paryo plz. you are a expert plz plz suggest them. Who they know how to rescue snake so. You have risked your life. Please be very careful while working I have been watching every one of your videos. Thanks
crish chetree
crish chetree أشهر قبل
7:14 is suspense🙏😀😁
Aman Supba
Aman Supba أشهر قبل
Saraswoti Gyawali
Saraswoti Gyawali أشهر قبل
पानी सर्पनि यत्रो ठुलो हुन्छ र??
Bikalpa Sapkota
Bikalpa Sapkota أشهر قبل
Ur truly amazing person
Yei rescue garna Indian laa halako vaya aajai धेरै like views aautho hola. Tara हाम्रो नेपाली दाजु भाइ laa garako kaam lai samman स्वरूप sabai lai like gardinu aani video herera views badai dinu. Keep it bro great job
Ganesh Kunwar
Ganesh Kunwar أشهر قبل
gaun ma pni rescue hunxa ki bazar ma matra ho
Humanity Worshipper
Humanity Worshipper أشهر قبل
2:00 सोल्टी भित्र छिर्यो फेरी 😁😁 🔥 🔥
Mr. Tech
Mr. Tech أشهر قبل
Best line:sabbai sarpa nag hun aama
Sandeep Rauniyar
Sandeep Rauniyar أشهر قبل
Bro you said sabaii sarfa naag touched my heart ❤️.
Pratik Pandey
Pratik Pandey أشهر قبل
Daii Great work💖. Hajur ko vdo 10k huda dekhi heriraxu aaile 100k+ vayexa Badhai aru sab thik xa .TARA ABA EAUTA BORA LIYERA JANA PARO KA😆🔥
Sandip Nepali
Sandip Nepali أشهر قبل
Wow dhi your job is nice 👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍
Milan gαυтαм вαяα
Milan gαυтαм вαяα أشهر قبل
keep going.... lots of love❤
Jyoti Suryabanshi
Jyoti Suryabanshi أشهر قبل
Solti vitra xiryo re❤❤
Indu Dhungana
Indu Dhungana أشهر قبل
Rohit giri uploaded a new video vanera notification aayo naheream ta rohit ko video kasari nahernu heram ta belkuka sutni bela ankha banda garyo ki sarpo hineko picture aauxa tanab xa
Tauko chai babbbal mile ko hai 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sonam Hyolmo
Sonam Hyolmo أشهر قبل
The SP Creation
The SP Creation أشهر قبل
Great initiative bro❤️!
Biroaster أشهر قبل
when u blindly trust any one 8:21 snake bite
devi kc
devi kc أشهر قبل
Please my house in a snake king cobra
Roshan Pokharel
Roshan Pokharel أشهر قبل
Great Rohit Bro ❤️❤️❤️
Manju Subedi
Manju Subedi أشهر قبل
rohit dai bascot co vido aschani
Maniraj Gurung
Maniraj Gurung أشهر قبل
भ्याइ नभ्याइ छ हाम्रो भाइ लाइ
Bikash gurung
Bikash gurung أشهر قبل
Great job rohit bro keep it up
Sparshaꔪ أشهر قبل
Dar layo my lord
Vlogger daju
Vlogger daju أشهر قبل
O my gd
Sidhartha Shrestha
Sidhartha Shrestha أشهر قبل
brave lure brother
Sudip Sharma
Sudip Sharma أشهر قبل
Solti vitra chiryo feri🤣🤣
ramu gamer
ramu gamer أشهر قبل
Lots of love Rohiit bro from Morang 💞💕💕
IPL 2020 HIGHLIGHTS HD أشهر قبل
Good job rohit
Amrit Gurung
Amrit Gurung أشهر قبل
I’m really proud of you that you are doing such a great job to make it eco systems in our own environment. Hats off!!!
Madhumita Adhikari
Madhumita Adhikari أشهر قبل
Manash Shahi
Manash Shahi أشهر قبل
Rivesh Pandey
Rivesh Pandey أشهر قبل
Hajur ko dherai call matra aaudo rayecha
Punya Punya
Punya Punya أشهر قبل
Bro Ani Hami sunsari ma hune le chai k garni ho uar
Diksha Bhattarai
Diksha Bhattarai أشهر قبل
Dai aarko ni haldinu na
ritesh bro
ritesh bro أشهر قبل
Bro butwal ma chi ki nai
brando / anims \ ಠᴥಠ
brando / anims \ ಠᴥಠ أشهر قبل
Tyo sarpo Solti kya sojo bhairathyo Waring pani de ko thyo
Rajan Gurung
Rajan Gurung أشهر قبل
My lord
Tmanisha Somare
Tmanisha Somare أشهر قبل
Bravo 👏 & good job man 🙏
Hum Baraili
Hum Baraili أشهر قبل
Bro QNA video ni banu nu na
Manju Magar
Manju Magar أشهر قبل
Love you brother you are so awesome 🇳🇵
Prabin Bhujel
Prabin Bhujel أشهر قبل
brother dharan maa ni yesto ko khacho x . nikai nai plz kei uupaya lagai dinu poro.. malai ta ahile samma dharan maa yesto rescue garne kei samparkka tha xaina tesaile plz kei uupaya lagai dinu poro.🙏🙏🙏
Nirw Niraj
Nirw Niraj أشهر قبل
Great job
عملتها !!! *سبحت في مسبحنا الجديد 😂
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