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Rohit Giri

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For snake rescue Contact us: Rohit Giri: 9866344156
Roshan Giri: 9840290781
Common Wolf snake, is a nonvenomous members of the family Colubridae, named for large teeth in both jaws . It is both terrestrial and arboreal in habits and may be found, for example, in the dark crevices of figs and other trees.
The species is also known as the House Snake, as it often inhabits old, landed properties such as colonial-era bungalows and buildings near forested areas. In such places, it is assumed it preys on house geckos.
Its body is relatively slender, and its flattened head is larger than its body. Its dorsal skin is brown, and this is patterned with yellowish markings which form a nominally 'reticulate' pattern. There is a pale yellow band around the neck, and the suprablabial lip scales are yellowish too. Its underside is pale.
Whilst quite a harmless snake, it is quite ready to bite when disturbed.
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Rohit Giri
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For pictures and information about snakes follow me on Instagram: instagram.com/lureyrohit
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Mero ma ni (Kathmandu )yestai sarpa aayo thiyo. Ma ta karet bhan thane ko. Jhukinchha Karet are yo wolf snake maa.
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He is polite😊
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Kasto ramro Kam... God bless you all Tim
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Huge respect what you are doing man. Go on
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vai ki nepali maa bol ki English ma bol..k khichadi bolay ko
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Huge Respect to you Man👏👏
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God of dbake
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Rohit Ji, Is there any Indian Rock Python in Pokhara?
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6.32 rohit bro, eslai nepali maa chichinde sarpa vandainan. Chichinde sarpa vaneko twin-spotted wolf snake ho. Yo common wolf snake lai nepali maa dhamiloo sarpa / buwase sarpa vanxann.
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you is the first snake rescue man of nepal
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Here in terai many snakes are killing. In this season people are digging their feild to grow crops and snakes are coming out. Dhamin, cobra are killing day by day. Do something bro iam also a snake love but i don't have skills to catch them. Love from rupandehi.
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Bro yo snake haru derai banaunu ane mo linchu hai hajur lai halka paisa deula , malai kam lagxha jasto cha ! Bom ko idea old bhayo lol yo oli , dahal deuwa ane derai bhrasta netako room ma halnu plan garirako xhu
Karun Pokharel
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Very nice work and one last thing Brother please tell them that when vanamous and non vanamous snake will bite some one then what may. be solution for a quick operation
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loved for rat snake
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Hi Rohit,i am your fan from Srilanka 🇱🇰 .please put english subtitles to understand your explanation .
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Awesome job and Hugh Respect to you. We need more people like you and every Nepalese should be made aware of the importances and caution about Snakes.
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