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Rohit Giri

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Every year, snakebite envenoming kills more than 125,000, seriously injures over 2.7 million people and leaves at least 400,000 of those who survive with permanent disability. Snakebite is preventable and treatable, but yet, every single day individuals, families and whole communities still have to face the ‘five Ds’ of snakebite: Death, Disability, Disfigurement, Deprivation and Destitution.
"Snakebites push individuals and their families further into unimaginable misery and poverty. It is up to us, the privileged ones to fight for the rights of people who are vulnerable”.
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Rohit Giri
Rohit Giri أشهر قبل
Happy International Snakebite Awareness Day!! "Snakebites push individuals and their families further into unimaginable misery and poverty. It is up to us, the privileged ones to fight for the rights of people who are vulnerable”.
Bijay Budhathoki
Bijay Budhathoki أشهر قبل
Bojpuri and Maithali as well
Bijay Budhathoki
Bijay Budhathoki أشهر قبل
Please make this video in Nepali language.
Nor adrenaline
Nor adrenaline أشهر قبل
Bro i know u r expert in this field but tourniquet bannu hudaina ra? Ani Nepali ma ni banauna na jhan wider Nepali audience samma pugcha Great bro👍👍
Malaika Basnet
Malaika Basnet أشهر قبل
Mr. Cool
Mr. Cool أشهر قبل
Snakes are totally pure carnivorous. They never eat any vegetation.
Mick C
Mick C 10 أيام قبل
Good channel. 😎 You deserve more subs. Did you check SMZeus”dot”com?!? You should use it to help get your videos seen.
Asura Shadow
Asura Shadow 24 أيام قبل
Vai nepali ma banau na video khet na kaam garne kisan haru le english bujenan vane?
Susma Kamali gauli
Susma Kamali gauli 26 أيام قبل
Happy giri
Nishant Koirala
Nishant Koirala 29 أيام قبل
Nice video awareness
Ishwor Ghimire
Ishwor Ghimire 29 أيام قبل
*Nepali caption rakhnu paryo dai*
Aresh Suman Thapa
Aresh Suman Thapa أشهر قبل
Devraj Bk
Devraj Bk أشهر قبل
so nice advice sir.everybody should follow it.
Subash Limbu
Subash Limbu أشهر قبل
You are the Steve Iriwin of Nepal... God bless u and ur family
Entrepreneur Nepal
Entrepreneur Nepal أشهر قبل
Nepali ma vanya caye ramro hunthyo 👋
Ujjwol Gurung
Ujjwol Gurung أشهر قبل
I get lot information 😊😊😊
Amar01 Magar
Amar01 Magar أشهر قبل
Very informative...
Hari Rana
Hari Rana أشهر قبل
nepali language maa pani vaye hunthyo ki
The Boy Named Santiago
The Boy Named Santiago أشهر قبل
Was that a rumors if snake bite, we should know the species of snakes to get the perfect medical treatment...?
Prayutsu Pokharel
Prayutsu Pokharel أشهر قبل
Great illustration bro 🙌💙
Mausam Dahal Vines
Mausam Dahal Vines أشهر قبل
Nepali vasa maa nikalnu paryo taaaki gau gau ko manxe haru le majale bhujna sakun...
karan rai
karan rai أشهر قبل
Ajhai nepali maa vandeko vaye sajilo huntyo aru nepali herlie
Min Gurung
Min Gurung أشهر قبل
thanks for important advice.
Manu Nepali
Manu Nepali أشهر قبل
Thank you😂😂😂😅😅
op legend gaming
op legend gaming أشهر قبل
Dai tapai lai taa kp ba lai vane ra award dina parxa❤️
ST GAMING أشهر قبل
Respect you brother
Sushant Pandey
Sushant Pandey أشهر قبل
Thank you dai for the information...
Kabir Gurung
Kabir Gurung أشهر قبل
Wow this video makes my day . Thankyou bro for such infomatic video much love to my bro lurey rohit🙏🏻
Sandesh karki
Sandesh karki أشهر قبل
Laa myaa snake le english boldi raa laaaa
yukmi limbu
yukmi limbu أشهر قبل
I think you have to upload video with nepali language
jeewansubedijs أشهر قبل
Thanx for a very much good information
Basanta Sharma
Basanta Sharma أشهر قبل
A very useful knowledge for everyone thanks for sharing very useful knowledge
Sneha ⟭⟬
Sneha ⟭⟬ أشهر قبل
This video is very informative. You should make it in Nepali language as well. You go to alot of place to catch snakes and many of the peoples there are also subscribed to your channel. It will be very helpful for them. You should make it in Nepali language. Beside that thank you for your great work....stay safe.
Neha Dhakal
Neha Dhakal أشهر قبل
Nepali ma ni bhako bhaye Ajja sabaile majjale bujhthyo .. I hope it’ll come in Nepali too so that I’ll be even more helpful to the people
SAMSARA Gaming Hub
SAMSARA Gaming Hub أشهر قبل
Thank you for the info.
phantom gaming
phantom gaming أشهر قبل
0:14 We eat rats 😂😂😂
Learn Plus Craft
Learn Plus Craft أشهر قبل
would be more effective if u had added subtitle in nepali becoz ur audience cover almost of all age group though video is with great info 👍🏻
SovanDai أشهر قبل
Should have been in nepali language so that everyone could understand
Bijay Glan
Bijay Glan أشهر قبل
Nepali ma huna parney bro
Dipak أشهر قبل
Real hero rohit bro
Prabin subba
Prabin subba أشهر قبل
Such a Important information Rohit ..subscriber from Darjeeling
Bishal Chaulagain
Bishal Chaulagain أشهر قبل
Bro it should be in Nepali language too so that we can insure the information to Nepali people who don't know English.
Tiya Thapa
Tiya Thapa أشهر قبل
Very informative video
Nischal Gurung
Nischal Gurung أشهر قبل
Nepali ma vako vaye buda budi harulai sajilo hunthyo
laayushl lshresthal
laayushl lshresthal أشهر قبل
Snake : **bites** Cameraman : 👁👄👁 📷
Abishekh Nath
Abishekh Nath أشهر قبل
flybeatz أشهر قبل
Yo bro make Nepali video ..
Rau Met
Rau Met أشهر قبل
Make a video in Nepali for Nepalese elders
subodh gurung
subodh gurung أشهر قبل
Thankyou brother hope you will always get success and you will be always be safe realhero🦸‍♂️
Samikshya Nepal
Samikshya Nepal أشهر قبل
Very informative video thanks for sharing.
Aadarsha Wagle
Aadarsha Wagle أشهر قبل
Dami, I wanted you to do this. Thanks bro.
Man Pulami magar
Man Pulami magar أشهر قبل
Thank you for info. Positive
The Godfather
The Godfather أشهر قبل
Thankyou for this information.
Riya Magar
Riya Magar أشهر قبل
Such a informative video❤️
Basanta pokhrel
Basanta pokhrel أشهر قبل
May be it would be great if it was in nepali
Noob Gamer
Noob Gamer أشهر قبل
Big fan dai
luc mackowiak
luc mackowiak أشهر قبل
Good video 👍
anshumaan c
anshumaan c أشهر قبل
Sahi hai.....
Stoned Stone
Stoned Stone أشهر قبل
Bro you are great
Karma Tsering
Karma Tsering أشهر قبل
Good message to stay conscious and misuse of incidents
Jeshmika Tamang
Jeshmika Tamang أشهر قبل
Very informative video 👏Thank you so much
Gurans Chhetri
Gurans Chhetri أشهر قبل
Nice video 👌👌👌👌
Tamu Gaming
Tamu Gaming أشهر قبل
advice is too good but you should turn the nepali language on rather than english 👍🏻😊🤝
Bishnu Magar
Bishnu Magar أشهر قبل
He took the video from another person. That's why it's in English bro.
janak jang kc
janak jang kc أشهر قبل
Thanks for this advice bro🙏🙏🙏
Aleesha Upreti
Aleesha Upreti أشهر قبل
thank u😘😙
Pranayan Neupane
Pranayan Neupane أشهر قبل
Thanks for your advice
Subedi Anil
Subedi Anil أشهر قبل
awesome bro loved it
Hitman Beb
Hitman Beb أشهر قبل
What a video 🔥♥️💯 Nicely done . Hats off 💢💫👏👏
sanjay kunwar
sanjay kunwar أشهر قبل
Sarina & jewan
Sarina & jewan أشهر قبل
❤️ so much great information
RanZan Pudasaini
RanZan Pudasaini أشهر قبل
Thank You Rohit Giri
Bishal thapa
Bishal thapa أشهر قبل
thank you for Advice bhai.From kathmandu
Ram Kumar Basnet
Ram Kumar Basnet أشهر قبل
Thank u so much i have learned so much
FlaSh NOOB HO أشهر قبل
John Stha
John Stha أشهر قبل
नेपालीमा पनि बनाउनु पर्ने रैछ यो भिडियो।
Sophie Sherpa
Sophie Sherpa أشهر قبل
Better you use nepali language
Sanjok Bomjan
Sanjok Bomjan أشهر قبل
Audio Nepali ma bayera subtitle english ma baye sabei manche le buuj teyo! There are many people who watches the video but have no idea what's the video is elaborating about ! But you are great rohit giri brother and your team !
Sanjok Bomjan
Sanjok Bomjan أشهر قبل
Nabin khadka I know !
Nabin Khadka
Nabin Khadka أشهر قبل
Please notice at 4:53
Mr. nafold
Mr. nafold أشهر قبل
❤️dammi dai
Susmita Shrestha
Susmita Shrestha أشهر قبل
Jyoti Adk
Jyoti Adk أشهر قبل
Thanks for this informative video.
Clown Crush
Clown Crush أشهر قبل
Daju nepali ma ni banaye hunthyo ki ...
The Glowing Stars
The Glowing Stars أشهر قبل
Anish أشهر قبل
Dislike Garni Ko satto putlo khai deko jasto Xha sarpo lae 😂😂😂🤣
Pradeep Adhikari
Pradeep Adhikari أشهر قبل
Thank you❤
Sekhar Sharma
Sekhar Sharma أشهر قبل
Nepali maa Convert garnu parne
Sagun Poudel
Sagun Poudel أشهر قبل
Eagerly waited video😘
Chandu Tamang
Chandu Tamang أشهر قبل
Good advise rohit bro....n good job
Anup FF
Anup FF أشهر قبل
ashesh acharya
ashesh acharya أشهر قبل
Bro aaru area ko snake rescue person ko pani number share gardina paryo...
Prabina Bohara
Prabina Bohara أشهر قبل
Stay safe rohit dada❤️❤️ Love u very much dada💖💖💖
Nishan Basnet
Nishan Basnet أشهر قبل
नेपालीमा हुदा अझै राम्रो।
Angel Timilsina
Angel Timilsina أشهر قبل
Arkako documentary halna bhnda afno haley vhye Nepali ma rmro hunthyo...
Sunny's Gadget Reviews
Sunny's Gadget Reviews أشهر قبل
It's a health crisis. Anything that kills 100000 people every year is like a pandemic. The only way is to remove all venomous snakes from the world. That's not likely so just need to be careful. Here in US, we just cut the heads off or shoot the head off of the venomous snakes if it comes close to homes. No relocation, no catching. Good riddance!
Bipen Dahal
Bipen Dahal أشهر قبل
Dai ajaa nepali mah sound dub garnu vako vaye derai manxey le bhujthyee
Akash Sunar
Akash Sunar أشهر قبل
Please give this type of information in nepali because all of your viewers may not understand english.
sushant karki
sushant karki أشهر قبل
sushant karki
sushant karki أشهر قبل
Abish Adhikari
Abish Adhikari أشهر قبل
Can you provide phone number of snake catchers throughout the country?
Ajin Thapa
Ajin Thapa أشهر قبل
Thank you for your great advise brother. Your awesome man always doing for better.
Ashwin Poudel
Ashwin Poudel أشهر قبل
knowledgeable video but i am scared after watching this video
Bashant Pant
Bashant Pant أشهر قبل
Dai ma kanchanpur batw ..hjr lai ya tira Kasai le biswas gardaina vanxan ki sab fake ho
Mr TAPATAP أشهر قبل
malai pani ex le hickeys dinxu vanda maile nai vaneko karan aja ma bachiraxu ! Esto saap harko varosa hudaina savdan ra satark afai hunu parxa thankyou rohit dai
Yubraj Thapa
Yubraj Thapa أشهر قبل
Informative video. Good job bro~!
Very Deep Lines
Very Deep Lines أشهر قبل
video is daam but nepali ma huna pary o . sabai le bujdinan
puspa kc
puspa kc أشهر قبل
Tq luray bhai
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