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Rohit Giri

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For snake rescue Contact us: Rohit Giri: 9866344156
Hritik Giri: 9827127143
For Donations: eSewa /ID Rohit Giri (9866344156 ), All funds raised will be used for Conservation Work and to Mitigating human-snake conflict.
Description: The monocled cobra is venomous snake, has an O-shaped, or monocellate hood pattern, Monocled cobras are distributed from Nepal, India in the west through to China, Vietnam and Cambodia.These cobras can adapt to a range of habitats, from natural to anthropogenically impacted environments. They prefer habitats associated with water, such as paddy fields, swamps, and mangroves, but can also be found in grasslands, shrublands, and forests. The species also occurs in agricultural land and human settlements including cities. They can be found at elevations of up to 1,000 m (3,300 ft) above sea level. Monocled cobras are terrestrial and most active at dusk. In rice-growing areas, they hide in rodent burrows in the dykes between fields and have become semi-aquatic in this type of habitat. Juveniles feed mostly on amphibians whereas adults prey on small mammals, snakes and fish. When disturbed they prefer to take flight. However, when threatened they will raise the anterior portions of their bodies, spread their hood, usually hiss loudly, and strike in an attempt to bite and defend themselves.
They are often found in tree holes and areas where rodents are plentiful.
Some populations of the monocled cobra have the ability to spit venom.
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Rohit Giri
Rohit Giri أشهر قبل
For Donations: eSewa /ID Rohit Giri (9866344156 ), All funds raised will be used for Conservation Work and to Mitigating human-snake conflict.
Goma Kandel
Goma Kandel أشهر قبل
Ma fan vaye hajur ko ur grate 🤟🤟🙏🙏🙏
Malaika Basnet
Malaika Basnet أشهر قبل
Sandip Limbu
Sandip Limbu أشهر قبل
Hello rohit, your work really praiseworthy. Im also keen on saves and protect animals from danger. Im veterinary science proficient person and i have done many work in my days. My hometown is chitwan,Bharatpur, If someone saw a snake they called immediately who known me for rescue it and leave it safe area for both.
Rajan Acharya
Rajan Acharya أشهر قبل
Please provide your bank details too so that people from overseas can directly donate for your cause. Also if you don't have eSewa merchant accoun you won't be able to receive more than I think 25k per month. So, better to provide your bank details.
KinGcobrA PubGyt
KinGcobrA PubGyt أشهر قبل
@Sunischal Gyanwali bro 4k gaming dai ko fan ho
Rikesh Malla
Rikesh Malla 10 أيام قبل
Jai seti nag
General information and beautiful views
General information and beautiful views 14 أيام قبل
k vo yo eeg
Sabina Karki Creative World
Sabina Karki Creative World 18 أيام قبل
Rupa Poudel
Rupa Poudel أشهر قبل
respect 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵
magarz suman
magarz suman أشهر قبل
Good keep growing.... Always support bro
kishan palikhe
kishan palikhe أشهر قبل
wow dal dai pani
ash meta
ash meta أشهر قبل
we need 2nd rohit giri in nawalparasi hamro ghar tra dangr snake aauxa 😢😳😫😫
Is it only me who stopped opening windows after starting to watch Rohit's videos??😁😁
Heartbeat Lax
Heartbeat Lax أشهر قبل
You are doing very well dai, maile ni Ali ali rescue garxu, hajur sanga sikne mauka paaye ramro huntheo 👍👌🙏
Abishk Lama
Abishk Lama أشهر قبل
Good job
Binod Aryal
Binod Aryal أشهر قبل
राम्रो छ
NepFact Daju
NepFact Daju أشهر قبل
yo comment ma akha gayo tapai ko jindagi ma khusiyali nai khusiyali chaaoos...
Royal Om
Royal Om أشهر قبل
Hajur le vane ko cobra ko name ra deadly 60 program ma vane ko cobra name pronounce match vayena but cobra same ho khas ma yo cobra ko real name k ho? clear gari dinu paryo hajur मोनोस्लेद or मोनोकल्द
MTM أشهر قبل
Last dorpo lagxa yaar
Lathid creation
Lathid creation أشهر قبل
Yo channel Harnu vako sathi harule youtube ma Anoj dhital search garnuhos like share suscribe gardinuhos plzzzzzzz
Barun Mulmi
Barun Mulmi أشهر قبل
mask lagako xainan
Daffodils Spirit
Daffodils Spirit أشهر قبل
Aru badi boleko Content mann parenaa.yo bolna paayesi jati ni boleko bole garne video trim garera haalnu laryo
Yatra Munk
Yatra Munk أشهر قبل
Awesome you are doing great work.
Shalin Panday
Shalin Panday أشهر قبل
Akash dai rocks and rohit boro too
Saroj Acharya
Saroj Acharya أشهر قبل
Can you plz make a video about how to identify different types of snakes found in pokhara and find if it is venomous or not.
jg arites
jg arites أشهر قبل
Malai sarpa sanga kina dherai darr lagxa vaneko t sarpa lai ullu ko najarle hernu parne raixa ani
Insanity Gaming
Insanity Gaming أشهر قبل
I tried to catch a Rat Snake Day Before Yesterday but I backed Off
Alijan Shrestha
Alijan Shrestha أشهر قبل
what is the name of the owl
Gurung Sharmila
Gurung Sharmila أشهر قبل
Kasto dar lagdo jogiyera kam garnu hola bhai
Sazan Khatri
Sazan Khatri أشهر قبل
Tyo arko dai le majale briefing garnuvhayo k
Suresh Pariyar
Suresh Pariyar أشهر قبل
7:25 seems better human
Mijjal Thapa
Mijjal Thapa أشهر قبل
Varu tyo 70crores tyo tori haru dinnu vanda lureyrohit one crore diyo vanne dherai research garthiyo hola ya 😊😍😍😍 ,
Pra Su
Pra Su أشهر قبل
Pet Lover Place Of Nepal=Pokhara❤
Hakku Magar
Hakku Magar أشهر قبل
Dai tyo aanda k garnu hunxa
Ashim Timalsina
Ashim Timalsina أشهر قبل
Aanda k garya ni dekhaunu parcha ni majai aayena bro last ma
Mausham Adhikari
Mausham Adhikari أشهر قبل
Rohit dai malai whit Color ko mask launi kt ko number Dina paryo 😂🤣
Purbeli online Tv
Purbeli online Tv أشهر قبل venom snake extraction first time in nepal #prem bista
Shweta Ranabhat
Shweta Ranabhat أشهر قبل Your behind the scene wala video vayo hai yeha chai😂
Bèe Pîñ
Bèe Pîñ أشهر قبل
First time 15 hours late😪
Grg. Aashpurna
Grg. Aashpurna أشهر قبل
Aakash sir le sahi bhaanu bhayo"sarpa hamro ghar ma aayera baseko hoina,hami sarpa ko baassthaan ma ghar banayera baseka hau".
Ishwor Pokhrel
Ishwor Pokhrel أشهر قبل
kati polite bro ✌ gOod joB should be awarded
Bibek Bastakoti
Bibek Bastakoti أشهر قبل
Keep doing rohit bro❣🌍🌍
Dudha Gurung
Dudha Gurung أشهر قبل
Great job rohit Bhai...
jea shown
jea shown أشهر قبل
Afu lai tw musa dekhada tw dar le vagxu .snake kasri samunu hunxa yll..doing great work.hatsoff bro
Manju Magar
Manju Magar أشهر قبل
Dami bhai
Aashika Khadka
Aashika Khadka أشهر قبل
Great job🙌
Deepa Vyas
Deepa Vyas أشهر قبل
Great job sir be careful u r really great
Dinesh Tamang
Dinesh Tamang أشهر قبل
Akash dai ,Sisir ghaite ko face dekhana paiyo 😂😂😂😂😂
Kirpa Poudel
Kirpa Poudel أشهر قبل
asto egg sarpako po hudo rahexa mero ful ko gamala ko mato vitra poni 7/8 ota veteko thiyo mohle xeparo ko hola vanera khet nirae faldiy
Rumax Magar
Rumax Magar أشهر قبل
First time cobra ko egg pani dekheo
Tiya Thapa
Tiya Thapa أشهر قبل
Good job Aakash bhandari
Prajwal Adhikari
Prajwal Adhikari أشهر قبل
Lala dami work keep it upp
Pretty little Thought
Pretty little Thought أشهر قبل
Before I used to watch net geo snack show now I watch ur video but I think u should tell us more about snake
Shreeshal Gurung
Shreeshal Gurung أشهر قبل
Making nepal proud by rescuing snakes shout-out to rohit giri
Chiran jiwee
Chiran jiwee أشهر قبل
9:58 tyo Dai lai respect 🙏❤
Swoyam Regmee
Swoyam Regmee أشهر قبل
Nice work
anil adhikari
anil adhikari أشهر قبل
congratulation bro for 134k subscriber ..i wise it will reach million as soon as possible ...because you deserve it bro ..lots of love from kathmandu ....and i never skip any ad because you can earn at least some amount of money ..thank you for conserve the nature and snake
UB GAMING أشهر قبل
Dai ane tapaiharu pokhara ko snake matrai rescue garnu hunxa??mero ghar dharan ma ho dharan ma tapaiharu jastai rescue team xaina .mero ghar tira ne kaile kai snake 🐍 aairakhxa Dharan ma nee tapai haru jastai team ko khacho xaa
pro gamer S.G.
pro gamer S.G. أشهر قبل
khatra nai xa daiko kam😍😍
Tara Rai
Tara Rai أشهر قبل
Ktm vitra snake rescue team hunna
Bimal Adhikari
Bimal Adhikari أشهر قبل
Bro love u ma nepal aaya paxi phaila timi lai vatna xu bhai 😍😍♥️
aludous mythic
aludous mythic أشهر قبل
Bro tyo last ki read garnu pardaina..hami ni garna sakxau.. baru tyo anda ra snake ko k vayo tyo cahi rakhnu paryo..
plz support Rohit and Me too
Neha Adhikari
Neha Adhikari أشهر قبل
Kati ramra manxe Hun❤️❤️
Aadar Mrjn
Aadar Mrjn أشهر قبل
Mareko ho tyo hatch vako sarpa haru???
Viral video House
Viral video House أشهر قبل
Who noticed current noodles cartoon 😅
Kp Oli
Kp Oli أشهر قبل
Dai black mamba ko barema k he vandinu paro
Neupane Laxmi
Neupane Laxmi أشهر قبل
Great job mr. rohit giri
Susila Koirala
Susila Koirala أشهر قبل
Hands up man!! Your are doing good job .. but just be a politeness nd appreciate them.. as per my view ur voice or conversation little bit weird or Nepali ma (jharkeny) .. do well Nd take patient..
Susila Koirala
Susila Koirala أشهر قبل
@copperhead 's afno way xa bny channel chalara kena basnu ? Afno way ma chaal .. suggest ho respect gar ..
copperhead 's
copperhead 's أشهر قبل
Jabarjasti english bolna nakhoja nani....Sab tmi jasto polite hudaina😂..he is best in his own way nd you dnt have to teach him..jst appreciate him😌
Abish Adhikari
Abish Adhikari أشهر قبل
7:36 suneil shetty
Tanka pandey
Tanka pandey أشهر قبل
Anbit Bhattarai
Anbit Bhattarai أشهر قبل
hsjsntjai hsjsis
hsjsntjai hsjsis أشهر قبل
Oh my lord
Rajesh Shrestha
Rajesh Shrestha أشهر قبل
He wont reply or like sosad :C
Abish Adhikari
Abish Adhikari أشهر قبل
0:26 K re KP oli samatna aako re??🤔
Newnitikkk Edits
Newnitikkk Edits أشهر قبل
SuJal Kazi
SuJal Kazi أشهر قبل
aw parchanda Ra Sher bdr deuva parent xa
Prashant Prajapati
Prashant Prajapati أشهر قبل
Rajan Gurung
Rajan Gurung أشهر قبل
Bachauna sakinxa bro
Ayushma Nepal
Ayushma Nepal أشهر قبل
Keep growing 😊♥️
Rubina Rana
Rubina Rana أشهر قبل
How much u earn by rescuing snake
Arika Tuladhar
Arika Tuladhar أشهر قبل
6:03 Akash dai kya excited baidira rohit dai le introduce garda😆🤣
Sabina Upreti
Sabina Upreti أشهر قبل
Kati sajilai samaunu vako kya 😍😍
Sandhya Sapkota
Sandhya Sapkota أشهر قبل
Aakash dai ko tattoo Kati ramro❤️😁😁
Aashis Gurung
Aashis Gurung أشهر قبل
shisir dai k cha 😂
9:19 sarpo lay musa na khya daal vaat khalxa 😂😂😂
Binita Kadel
Binita Kadel أشهر قبل
So cool
Fist 6min budo ko jhau lagdo guff 🤣
Sandesh Aryal
Sandesh Aryal أشهر قبل
Good job bro
Sunita Grg
Sunita Grg أشهر قبل
Kritika Baidhya
Kritika Baidhya أشهر قبل
Tyo k garnu vayo dai??
Gorkhe Gaming
Gorkhe Gaming أشهر قبل
Pokhara ma matrai rescue garnu hunxa ki nepal adhirajya bhari ho
Sandhya Sapkota
Sandhya Sapkota أشهر قبل
Hamro tira ni naag nagin ekdam xan samauna aaunu na Rohit dai 😒😒
Quasar KD
Quasar KD أشهر قبل
If only everyone had same perspective about animals
Gam Gurung
Gam Gurung أشهر قبل
Jhalanath Foundation Lai Dinu Hola
Kiran stha
Kiran stha أشهر قبل
WE all appreciate the way you rescue snake ,its give meaning to their life and humanity.❤ Lots of love brother❤
asd asd
asd asd أشهر قبل
Tyo baccha haru lai paxi k garnu vayo?
Pramod Dangi
Pramod Dangi أشهر قبل
Rohit dai ko video aayo
Ğúřůňğ Jāmëś
Ğúřůňğ Jāmëś أشهر قبل
Dipak أشهر قبل
Ohh my goad
LICHT FF أشهر قبل
Snake ko video harun herna khub ramilo lagxa tara sachikaiko dekhyo vani pasina niklinxa😅😅
Scientific Nepali
Scientific Nepali أشهر قبل
Ft.Aakash dai damii law rescue...😎😎😎
NRP Reamond
NRP Reamond أشهر قبل
Where is your home in pokhara dai
Viking أشهر قبل
Hamro Rohit ramro Rohit 💕💕
Noob Gaurab YT
Noob Gaurab YT أشهر قبل
Love from chitwan
dan Murphy
dan Murphy أشهر قبل
Bad commentor
Bad commentor أشهر قبل
dai plz mero reply dina ma pani sanke ma kati intrest gar xu ani askolai k padnu parxa
GAMER أشهر قبل
hello dai . stay safe and stay healthy
Meena Shrestha
Meena Shrestha أشهر قبل
First time so early 😁🙂❤️❤️
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